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American History Revealed  

The Season Two premier is finally here.

Tune in for new episodes every Sunday @ 12pm


About American History Revealed

American History Revealed takes an in-depth look at the events that shaped the history of our great nation. Many Americans are familiar with the story of the Pilgrims who stepped ashore at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Just as many perhaps remember what they learned at school about the “Shot Heard Round the World” which occurred at the Battle of Lexington in 1775. But how many are familiar with extraordinary series of events - the “deep history” of our country - that took place in the 150 years that separate those two great milestones? It was in fact during that remarkable era that the idea of “America” - an idea and a reality unique in the history of the world - was born. American History Revealed takes an intimate, immersive, unprejudiced look at that history and examines how through trial and error, success and failure, triumph and tragedy, our great nation became the country it is - and how we Americans became the people we are.

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See where it all began...

Catch up on all episodes of
Season One now.


Richard Ives

A self-described “nomad,” Richard Ives has lived at various times of his life in England, France, Japan, and Greece, and he has traveled to nearly 50 other countries. The New York Times called Of Tigers and Men, his memoir of working as a wildlife guide in India, Nepal, and southeast Asia, “a classic book of travel...utterly gripping, not easy to forget." In a review of it Jane Goodall wrote that she found it moving, thought provoking... exhilarating... I shall always be forever haunted by images, now gentle, now fierce, of the mysterious, beautiful, and magnificent tiger who, unless some miracle occurs, will soon be extinct.” Over the last twenty years, Ives has turned his attention to the research and writing of an intimate, factual history of one line of an American family - his own - from 1607 to the present day. It is from the years of research that went into the writing of The America Quartet -  the epic story of triumph, tragedy, faith and endurance, extending over nine generations of the Ives family - that the American History Revealed podcast was born.

Zoë Lindstrom-Ives 

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Zoe is a freelance website builder, graphic designer and podcast editor from Sag Harbor, NY. She is a graduate of Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she majored in Communications and Creative Writing. She and he father started recording American History Revealed in 2019, and has worked on the project together as creative partners. She began her LLC, RAM Tech Associates, in 2018 and has enjoyed working closely with her clients one-on-one. When she's not working, she can be found walking her dog Nelson on the beach, writing short stories or taking spur-of-the-moment roadtrips to Upstate New York. 

The America Quartet

Our Country. Our History. Our Story.

Experience the saga that inspired the podcast

View the four volumes here

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